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Acts Announced for 2018 Fort Worth Fringe Festival

Fort Worth Fringe Festival


Texas Nonprofit Theatres, Inc. (TNT) and the Fort Worth Community Arts Center announce the 17 selected acts for the 2018 Fort Worth Fringe Festival (FW Fringe.)

Sanders Theatre
HEADLINER - PICHANGA- La Criatura Theater Company from Santiago, Chile
LETTERS - Seth Williams
MS DELIGHT - SceneShop Productions (a piece in drag)
REMEMBERING HARVEY - Lee College Theatre - Baytown

The Vault:
HEADLINER - STIFF - Risk Theater Initiative - Sherry Jo Ward
[T]INY [P]LATFORM [S]HAKESPEARE - The Cloud Nine Collective
SMILE, PRINCESS - Tarrant Actors Regional Theatre & Proper Hijinx Productions
IN DUE TIME, PANTOMIME - Charles Jackson
ASHES TO ASHES - DragStrip Courage
TWO IN THE BEDROOM - Denisov Antrepriza - Houston

The event will take place Sep. 7-8, 2018, in the Fort Worth Community Arts Center located at 1300 Gendy St., Fort Worth - in the heart of the Fort Worth Cultural District. The venues:

  • The Sanders Theatre - Black box space of 60 seats
  • The Vault - Intimate space in the basement of the FWCAC seating 40-50

Ticket Prices: Tickets on sale now at

  • Individual shows - $13
  • Show passes - 5 Show Pass - $48, 7 Show Pass - $59, 10 Show Pass - $73, All Fest Pass - $99

The Fort Worth Fringe Festival is a partnership with Texas Nonprofit Theatres, Inc. and the Fort Worth Community Arts Center. The FW Fringe this year coincides with Fall Gallery Night in Fort Worth on Saturday evening.

2018 FW FRINGE ACTS - listed by performance space


  1. PICHANGA - La Criatura Theater Company - Santiago, Chile

    2018 Fort Worth Fringe Festival

    ABOUT THE PIECE - Pichanga is a name given to the soccer matches that kids play on makeshift fields in the poorer neighborhoods in Chile.

    This is the true story of Cristian (the performer in this play), who was born in 1990 just after the Pinochet dictatorship was over, when kids could start to dream again. His dream, as is every kid’s dream in Latin America, was to become a soccer star.

    The play weaves together Cristian’s own personal story, recent Chilean political history, and Latin American soccer history, using Cristian’s dream of superstardom as the thread that ties the stories together. The play tells the journey of how Cristian abandoned his dream of being a soccer star and went from playing soccer in the streets to marching in those same streets along with the thousands of students leading the movement for public education in Chile. He then moved from the streets to the stage, his new battlefield, to fight for his new dreams and his daughter.

    Documentary theater works with real facts, personal stories, and historical facts as the material that creates the performance. We use the material and explore it with the performer, writing the play while we are creating it on stage, creating an original performance that is unique to the performer who created it. Pichanga premiered in November 2015 in Santiago, Chile. Since then, it has been presented more than fifty times in different festivals in Chile, Argentina, Brazil, México, Spain, Italy, Germany and the USA.

    ABOUT THE PRESENTER - La Criatura is an independent theater company that works with documentary theater. This style deals with reality and socio-political context as its main theme and works with performers as the subjects fighting in a given context. They have produced 3 plays “the Ninetynines” (2011); “Signs of War” (2013) and “Pichanga” (2015).

    The company director, Manuel Ortiz, studied acting in University of Chile. After graduating, he studied in Turin, Italy in a theater laboratory. He has worked as an actor and director at the Chilean National Theater, as well as many other theater companies. He has taught acting courses at University of Chile, University of Cordoba, Argentina, and many other educational institutions. He has directed 10 plays. In 2011 he founded the documentary theater company “La Criatura”.

  2. MASK MADNESS - The Maverick Theatre Company / UTA

    2018 Fort Worth Fringe Festival

    ABOUT THE PIECE - MASK MADNESS is an original devised theatre production grounded in the European Character Mask style. Both full and half character masks are utilized. The production follows a mad scientist who has developed a machine that can transform small clay figures into fully animated lifesize figures. After her initial two creations are found to be disappointing, she retires to work on an improved version. While she is gone, her two initial creations explore the possibilities of the machine on their own, bringing more and more figures to life over the course of the show. Each new life-giving presents a vignette experience of the newly formed characters. The doctor returns between vignettes to create the “perfect” figure as well as check in on her initial creations. In the end, a total of seventeen characters have been brought to life and together they discover their own autonomy.

    The entire production was written and developed by the company of 18 actors and 1 director. Two workshop performances at the end of April 2018 were a huge success with overflow seating and some audience members returning to see the workshop performance twice.

    European Character Mask comes out of the Jacques LeCoq tradition and is a highly physical theatre technique. All actors in the play wear character masks or the entirety of the performance. With costumes, wigs, and a complete physical transformation, most of the actors are utterly unrecognizable once “in character.”

    ABOUT THE PRESENTER - The Maverick Theatre Company (MTC) is the University of Texas at Arlington Theatre Company. Any UT Arlington graduate, current student, and faculty/staff member is considered to be a member of the MTC. The MTC produces plays as a part of the regular UT Arlington Theatre Department season as well as new play commissions and devised productions outside of the regular season, like MASK MADNESS.

  3. LETTERS - Seth Williams

    ABOUT THE PIECE - Philip Smith, America's Political Prisoner, is going to die. It is the night of his execution and time is running out to tell the true story behind his crimes. Through a series of letters he enlists a troupe of unusual players to expose what actually happened that fateful night. Puppetry, vignettes, and theatre games are all a ploy to save an innocent man. Will the company achieve their goal and unmask Philip Smith for the savior he is before the ax swings? Well, that's up to you to decide.

    ABOUT THE PRESENTER - Seth Williams has been obsessed with the theatre all his life. He graduated from Tarleton State University with a BFA in Theatre and will soon begin his Graduate studies. During his time in Stephenville, he was the artistic director for The Community Players until his move to Fort Worth in 2014. Also, he serves as a board member for Theatre Off The Square in Weatherford, TX where he recently directed their production of "Agnes of God". Seth is the Theatre Arts Director for Mineral Wells High School where he is the solo theatre educator and director. He is also an avid stitcher and quilter and owns the quilt company, Louvina Louise.

  4. MS DELIGHT - ScenceShop Productions

    ABOUT THE PIECE - Stella Delight (known as Roy Young when out of drag) is one of the most useful performers in the NYC gay night club scene, still performing with high energy and charisma well into her 50s. But, this Diva wasn’t always the queen audiences love, in fact just 15 years ago Roy was a ‘straight’ Mormon living near Salt Lake City with his wife and child. Though he hasn’t seen his son on over a decade, tonight a son’s need for answers and a lucky Google search stuck them in the same dressing room. Needless to say, they both had a lot they’ve been waiting to tell the other. The show should feature a cast of 3 (2 M, 1 F) , a small makeup booth and a handful of props.

    ABOUT THE PRESENTER - SceneShop was founded in 1996, by Steven McGaw, Les Cargot and Elizabeth Sexton-Morrison. We have played many venues, including art galleries, bookstores, restaurants and the Lounge in Stage West’s University Drive location. Since 2002, we have regarded Arts Fifth Avenue as home base. For the last twelve years, we have performed each September as part of the Langdon Review Weekend in Granbury, sponsored by Tarleton State University. We have also performed in festivals, 6 times at Out of the Loop, twice at FronteraFest in Austin, and in the inaugural Fort Worth Fringe Festival in Spring 2016. In Fall 1996, we were pleased to be a part of the Big Art Event, and in 1998, SceneShop was an invited participant in the city-wide RetroFest. To date, we have presented over 200 new works.

  5. REMEMBERING HARVEY - Lee College Theatre

    ABOUT THE PIECE - One year ago, the Baytown-Houston area was only beginning to emerge from the shock and wreckage of Hurricane Harvey. We gather our artistic resources to remember and reevaluate the experience that has left many of this community's citizens touched for life.

    ABOUT THE PRESENTER - The Lee College Theatre Department has been providing students with production training for over sixty years. The program is active supporting the goals and mission of Texas Nonprofit Theatres.

  6. A NIGHT IN THE QUARTER - Va Va Voom Cabaret

    ABOUT THE PIECE - A look at the nightlife in New Orleans French Quarter through song & dance.

    ABOUT THE PRESENTER - Va Va Voom Cabaret is a group of like-minded women that enjoy expressing themselves through sensual dance and movement without taking themselves too seriously. Founded in 2017, Va Va Voom primarily performs at Arts Fifth Avenue in the Near Southside area of Fort Worth. Under the direction of Artistic Director Deb Wood, Va Va Voom each performances features guest artists in a variety of genres –comedy, mime, song, and dance as well as performances by Va Va Voom resident members.


    ABOUT THE PIECE - An exploration of 4 interactive tales of various times & places. A journey for all ages comes alive and with each story, we'll learn, laugh and linger in the imagination or truth of it all.

    ABOUT THE PRESENTER - LÄCA Bridges, storyteller and certified teacher, brings EDUtainment (Education & Entertainment) into the forefront of all she does. With her multi-faceted experience in the arts, she breathes stories to life using various dialects, a background in acting, music, American Sign Language and her general love and enthusiasm for stories and people, both young and old. Designing custom stories to fit your venue to bringing published pieces to life, LÄCA Bridges delights in interactive tales that create memorable experiences.

  8. ART OF THE TEASE: BURLESQUE AT THE FRINGE - Fort Worth Wild West Burlesque & Variety Shows

    ABOUT THE PIECE - ARTFUL TASTE OF TEASE! Fort Worth Wild West Burlesue & Variety Shows presents, Art of the Tease: Burlesque at the Fringe on Friday, Sepember 7, 2018.

    The Fort Worth Wild West Burlesque & Variety Show invites you a fun and sexy burlesque production showcasing extravagant, outrageously sexy, hilarious and sensual burlesque performances, the 'Art of the Tease: Burlesque at the Fringe' presented inside the Fort Worth Community Arts Center, Sanders Theatre on Friday, Sepember 7, 2018.

    ABOUT THE PRESENTER - Fort Worth Wild West Burlesque is a burlesque production showcasing women and men of all ages, shapes and sizes. Burlesque - Boylesque - Legends - Aerial - Circus - Fire - Magic - Singers - Comedy - Sideshow.

    Sunset "Hoots" Monroe, aka Kimberly Walker, Founder of the Fort Worth Wild West Burlesque & Variety Shows, visioned and masterminded her burlesque production after the old western days. Like when the traveling "Wild West" shows would come through town every year. "Hoots" not only wants to see beautiful burlesque performances, she wants to see a variety of acts, damn'it! A variety of different types of women and men dancers, aerialist, circus, fire, magicians, singers, comedians and sideshow acts. "Give it to me!", Hoots says.

    Fort Worth is ready for burlesque and Sunset Hoots Monroe is going to give it to them! She's bringing back the 'FEELS' of the traveling wild west shows here at the Scott's Theatre.


  10. STIFF - Risk Theater Initiative - Sherry Jo Ward

    ABOUT THE PIECE - STIFF is the hit fast-paced comedy about moving slow that has been an awardwinning audience favorite at festivals, conferences, and theatres across the country. Actress (playwright Sherry Jo Ward) was suddenly facing a career-ending diagnosis with a super-rare neuromuscular disease called Stiff Person Syndrome. Instead, she turned it into an autobiographical one woman show that demonstrates her resilience, and at times her "sick" sense of humor. It's a unique hour of theatre that promises to stay with you.

    ABOUT THE PRESENTER - Sherry Jo Ward is an actor, writer, instructor and professional theatre administrator, disabled since January, 2015 from a rare neuromuscular disease. Her autobiographical show, STIFF received Dallas Theatre Critics' Forum Awards for writing and acting and a Dallas Column Award for best actress as well as a Kathleen Freeman Spirit Award. STIFF was also nominated for several Broadway World (Dallas Awards) and special citations from Baylor Health and the National Organization of Rare Diseases. BA Degree in Theatre from Abilene Christian University ('95) and MFA from University of Alabama/Alabama Shakespeare Festival


    ABOUT THE PIECE - Jesus is back (well, he SAYS he's Jesus...) and he has daddy issues. The crucifixion/resurrection thing didn't work out so well the first time. The world is still in chaos, so his Father has sent him back to try again, but this time he's going to use 21st Century tech to get the word out. Oh, and he needs followers to help him. That would be you. Which would be great, except he keeps getting interrupted by a cynic with a stick up his ass. Davies presents a strange and uproarious meta-journey into the landscape of faith and deception…

    ABOUT THE PRESENTER - John S. Davies 30-year career as an actor encompasses films (RoboCop; Magnolia, etc); television (Prison Break; Friday Night Lights, etc) and more than 70 appearances on local stages. He has written and performed two solo shows, most recently winning the audience award at Watertower Theatre’s Out of the Loop Festival. He also works sporadically as a director and as a writer, producing scholarly entertainments for Shakespeare Dallas. He teaches acting at KD Conservatory.

  12. [T]INY [P]LATFORM [S]HAKESPEARE - The Cloud Nine Collective

    2018 Fort Worth Fringe Festival

    ABOUT THE PIECE - [T]iny [P]latform [S]hakespeare is a mash up of Shakespeare's greatest hits performed by 6 actors confined to a 4x6 foot stage. The actors whisk the audience away on a mad-cap journey through Shakespeare's most famous scenes, complete with neck ruffs and gender swaps. If you love Shakespeare, this show is for you! If you don't love Shakespeare, this show is for you! If you're "meh" about Shakespeare, this show is for you!

    ABOUT THE PRESENTER - The Cloud Nine Collective is a loose ensemble of physical theatre creators who live all over the country. Cloud Nine performers come together to create fresh and original devised works rooted in physical theatre techniques. They are on a mission to find truth in physical play and storytelling. The devised pieces the ensemble creates are intended to remind an audience of the simple magic and joy that is to be found in the theatre. Previous works by the Cloud Nine Collective include the Tiny Platform and European-Style Red Nose Mask genres.

  13. SMILE, PRINCESS - Tarrant Actors Regional Theatre & Proper Hijinx Productions

    ABOUT THE PIECE - A series of monologues that identify the experiences we go through. Women are told to smile because it makes them look prettier. Men are told they should always want sex and appreciate when women come on to them. Transgenders are asked probing, personal questions by strangers – not for the sake of understanding, but the sake of persecution. Gay men and women are hurtfully stereotyped, with people crossing boundaries using the excuse “it’s ok because they’re gay”. All of the monologues are based in reality and will reflect the true stories of the actors performing them. As the director, I see this taking place in a bar- think the lingerings of happy hour, when we’re a few too many drinks in and reflecting on the day and the words that have been said. Placed in the bar are our cast members. One by one, they will share their stories. Some will stay rooted at the bar top, others will wander the space. All will share a monologue rooted in real-world honesty, connected to their personal history. Their stories will be echoed by the confessions of others through voice recordings and projections, words and phrases uttered hundreds of times a day that often go unheard.

    ABOUT THE PRESENTER - This is the first co-production between Tarrant Actors Regional Theatre and Proper Hijinx Productions. TART has been in existence since September of 2013, performing in the Sanders Theatre at the FWCAC. TART is kicking off their 6th season with this production of Smile, Princess. Proper Hijinx is an independent theatre in Dallas, and has been in existence since July of 2015. They are finishing their 4th season with Diana Son's "Stop Kiss" in October.

  14. IN DUE TIME, PANTOMIME - Charles Jackson

    ABOUT THE PIECE - Terry explores the inner workings of his mind as he tries to accept his sister’s death. Dressed as a mime, he talks to his sister, expressing how deeply he misses her and their childhood stories. He breaks the fourth wall to show his relationship with his sister and parents, and the events leading up to the passing. Considered a dark comedy, “In Due, Time Pantomime” explores mental health and our reaction to trauma.

    ABOUT THE PRESENTER - Charles Jackson is a Fort Worth native actor, director, playwright and producer. He is a recent graduate from Southeastern Oklahoma State University with two Bachelors in Theatre and Broadcasting. He’s participated in theatre since he was a Freshman in high school and has been in over two dozen shows since. He started writing and performing in his own plays when we was a Sophomore in college and premiered two of his plays at Amphibian Stage Productions.

  15. ASHES TO ASHES - DragStrip Courage

    ABOUT THE PIECE - Two person Pinter piece exploring pain: Real or Imagined?

    ABOUT THE PRESENTER - Now in it's eighth year under the direction of Seth and Lark Johnston, DragStrip Courage strives to bring you the theatre that others won't....and should!

  16. TWO IN THE BEDROOM - Denisov Antrepriza

    ABOUT THE PIECE - A very funny story with a bit shock beginning and absolutely unexpected and innocent end.

    ABOUT THE PRESENTER - Antrepriza - non-profit Houston theater project since 2010, 15 shows in Russian with English subtitles for all ages of Russian speaking community (50K+ people). Main goal - best Russian authors for USA and best USA authors for Russian speaking audience. Cultural exchange and better knowledge and adaptation to culture of another country. More info: