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Letter from Buff Shurr

EDITOR'S NOTE: The following letter comes directly from Director Buff Shurr that he asked if I would publish in THE COLUMN to share with my readers as he is aware so many Garland Summer Musicals alumni are subscribers. Here is what he wanted me to pass along to everyone in the Dallas-Fort Worth Theatre Community:

Buff Shurr and Chita Rivera


TO:      All My Theatrical Cohorts

As the King would say in The King and I …”It’s a Puzzlement!”

In my case the cliché’ is true. My silence during the past two months stems from my puzzlement: What Has Happened?  What Do I Do?  What’s the Next Step?

Let’s go back…

Early this year, I had health issues that resulted in my embarking on a medication program that seems to be working. I was shocked when this occurred, because down through the years my health was always above par. Now, I have to understand there are things that need to be done on a daily basis to maintain my health, and I am doing those things. The shock and surprise of this sudden onset of health concerns is fading, and normalcy is taking its place.

With regard to the Garland Summer Musicals 2016 Season, my decision not to direct was based on a number of factors. Assisting my wife in relocating her practice, dealing with environmental issues at home, and health issues affecting myself and other family members weighed heavily on my course of action. Thankfully, with help from friends and family, I am looking forward to a positive outlook to these problems.

As for my future….directing productions at Garland and other venues is on my calendar, and is something I intend to pursue.  For this year, I will gladly be a member of the audiences applauding what I know will be excellent Garland Summer Musicals productions!

My Thanks to all for your cards, messages and deep concern.  My appreciation is limitless…

With Regards
Buff Shurr

GranvilleBuff and Patty