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The Tarrant Actors Regional Theatre is pleased to announce the cast of its upcoming production of THE CRUCIBLE

The Crucible

The Tarrant Actors Regional Theatre today announced the cast of the first show of its second season: Arthur Miller's searing drama,  THE CRUCIBLE. They are:


John Proctor: Brad Stephens  (COLUMN subscriber, multiple COLUMN award winner, 2014 COLUMN award winner)

Elizabeth Proctor:  Karen Matheny  (COLUMN subscriber)

Tituba:  La'Netia D. Taylor  (COLUMN subscriber)
Abigail Williams:  Jule Nelson Duac  (COLUMN subscriber)
Susannah Walcott:  Taylor Stanisforth  (COLUMN subscriber)
Mrs. Ann Putnam:  Laura Jones  (COLUMN subscriber, 2014 COLUMN award winner)

Thomas Putnam:  David Ellis  (COLUMN subscriber)
Mercy Lewis: Kimberly Dodger  (COLUMN subscriber)
Mary Warren: Laura Lester  (COLUMN subscriber)

Reverend John Hale:  Eric Dobbins  (COLUMN subscriber)

Francis Nurse: Harry Liston  (COLUMN subscriber)

John Willard: Tyler Cochran  (COLUMN subscriber)

Sarah Good:  Vicki Macchietto  (COLUMN subscriber)

Betty Parris:  Lauren Hardgrave   
Reverend  Samuel Parris: Doug Parker
Rebecca Nurse: Cynthia Matthews
Giles Corey:  Delmar H. Dolbier

Ezekiel Cheever:  Christopher D'Auria

Judge Hathorne: Joshua Eguia

Deputy-Governor Danforth: Robert Banks


Directed & Sound Design by Allen Walker (COLUMN subscriber)
Set design by Bryan S. Douglas (COLUMN subscriber) and Alex Krus (COLUMN subscriber)
Lighting design by Bryan S. Douglas (COLUMN subscriber)
Costume design by Stefanie Glenn (COLUMN subscriber, 2014 COLUMN award winner)
 Sound design by Allen Walker (COLUMN subscriber).
Stage management by Nicole R. Bowen.

The show runs from Sept. 12-28, 2014, in the Sanders Theatre at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center, 1300 Gendy Street, Ft. Worth TX 76107. Go to their website at