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Plaza Theatre Company announces the cast and creative team for WHITE CHRISTMAS

White Christmas

Plaza Theatre Company is pleased to announce the official Cast & production team for their next production, the regional premiere of the musical, WHITE CHRISTMAS. This musical is based on the classic motion picture and the stage version made its debut on Broadway in 2009 . The show is set to open November 15th and will play thru December 23rd. They are:


Directed by Tina and JaceSon Barrus (COLUMN subscribers, COLUMN AWARD WINNERS)

Choreography by Tiffany Mullins

Musical direction by Doug Henry

Assistant direction by Solomon Abah and Jamie Long (COLUMN subscribers)

Stage management by Ruth Ann Warwick

CAST (Some roles are double cast):

Betty Haynes – Daron Cockerell (COLUMN subscriber, COLUMN AWARD WINNER)

Bob Wallace – JaceSon Parker Barrus (COLUMN subscriber, COLUMN AWARD WINNER)

Phil Davis – Jonathan Metting (COLUMN subscriber)

Judy Haynes – Julianna Keller

Judy Haynes- Jill Nicholas

General Henry Waverly – Doug Henry

Martha Watson - Judy Keller

Susan Waverly – Eden Barrus

Susan Waverly- Alyson Kessenger

Ralph Sheldrake / Vocal Corps Bass- Josh Rendon

Rita / Dance Corps Girl 1 – Stefanie Glenn (COLUMN subscriber, COLUMN AWARD WINNER)

Rhoda / Dance Corps Girl 2 – Monica Glenn (COLUMN subscriber)

Mike / Snoring Man / Vocal Corps Tenor – Jay Lewis (COLUMN subscriber)

Conductor / Vocal Corps Tenor – Jodie Barrus (COLUMN subscriber)

Ezekiel Foster / Vocal Corps Bass – Jay Cornils (COLUMN subscriber)

Tessie / Asst. Seamstress / Vocal Corps Alto – Stacey Greenawalt King

Jimmy / Vocal Corps Bass – Gene Zorn

Cigarette Girl / Vocal Corps Soprano – Suzi Hanford

Mrs Snoring Man / Vocal Corps Soprano – Lisa Randol

Mrs. Snoring Man/ Vocal Corps Soprano- Samantha Clayborn

Dance Corps Man 1 – Justin Diyer (COLUMN subscriber)

Dance Corps Man 2 – Levi King

Dance Corps Man 3 – Cameron Barrus

Dance Corps Man 4 – Nolan Moralez

Dance Corps Girl 3 – Kelly Nickel

Dance Corps Girl 4 – Anna Looney

Vocal Corps Soprano – Madison Heaps

Vocal Corps Soprano- Micah King

Vocal Corps Soprano – Brooke Boyd

Vocal Corps Alto – Dawn Diyer

Vocal Corps Alto – Jade Rendon

Vocal Corps Bass – Christian Rendon

Kids Corps:
Kenton Watson, Jerrod Whitney, Mimi Barrus, Ashlyn Mullin,
Caroline Bennett, Samantha Bond, Rylee Mullen, Maddie Almond

For tickets and more information, visit