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Rover Dramawerks announces the cast and creative team for IT RUNS IN THE FAMILY

It Runs In The Family

Rover Dramawerks is pleased to announce the cast and design team of their upcoming farce, It Runs in the Family, by Ray Cooney, running September 5-28 at the Cox
Building Playhouse in Plano. They are:



Director - Ashley H. White (COLUMN Subscriber, COLUMN AWARD WINNER, COLUMN AWARDS Board of Directors)

Assistant Director - Brandon Sterrett (COLUMN Subscriber)

Stage Manager/Sound Designer - Philip Chalut (COLUMN Subscriber)

Set Designer - Ellen Miziner (COLUMN Subscriber)

Lighting Designer - Bryan Oliviera

Costume Designer - Lindsey Humphries (COLUMN Subscriber)

Props Designer - Terrie Justus (COLUMN Subscriber)

Master Carpenter - Dane Tuttle

Running Crew - Aaron Walters (COLUMN Subscriber)


David - Chris Dover (COLUMN Subscriber)

Hubert - Joe Messina (COLUMN Subscriber)

Drake - Chris D'Amico

Mike - Ryan Glenn

Matron - Kelly Moore Clarkson (COLUMN Subscriber)

Jane - Carol Becker

Rosemary - Heather Walker-Shin (COLUMN Subscriber)

Leslie - Glenn Averoigne (COLUMN Subscriber)

Sergeant - Eddy Herring (COLUMN Subscriber)

Bill - Ivan Jones (COLUMN Subscriber)

Sister - Laura Merchant (COLUMN Subscriber)

Mother - Robin Attaway (COLUMN Subscriber)