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UPTOWN PLAYERS PRESENTS The Cast and Crew for its upcoming production of SONGS OF A NEW WORLD

Music and Lyrics by Jason Robert Brown



Songs of a New World at Uptown Players


Directed by Coy Covington (COLUMN subscriber, COLUMN AWARD WINNER)

Music Direction by Kevin Gunter (COLUMN subscriber)

Set Design by Rodney Dobbs (COLUMN subscriber)

Lighting Design by Amanda West (COLUMN subscriber, COLUMN AWARD WINNER)

Sound Design by Virgil Justice (COLUMN subscriber, COLUMN AWARD WINNER

Costume Design by Suzi Cranford (COLUMN subscriber, COLUMN AWARD WINNER

Props Design by JoAnne Hull (COLUMN subscriber)







Feleceia Benton

Jonathan Bragg (COLUMN subscriber, COLUMN AWARD WINNER

John Campione (COLUMN subscriber)

Peter DiCesare (COLUMN subscriber)

Danielle Estes

Walter Lee (COLUMN subscriber)

Laura Lites (COLUMN subscriber)

Sara Shelby-Martin (COLUMN subscriber, COLUMN AWARD WINNER)

Songs For a New World is a musical exploration of life's emotions: risk, fear, hope, dreams, love. It's about those life-defining moments we reach. The show's concept is a collection of songs that tell a series of stories, rather than a continual and developing plot running throughout. Each song transports us through our American identity, our community, and our desires. They sweep us away into the moments where we stand our ground, break our silence, make a bargain, or find our way home. The show runs June 21 through July 7, 2013. For more info: