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Written and Directed by Matthew Posey

Ochre House Theater

Doctor Bobaganush: Matthew Posey
Madame Bobaganush: Marti Etheridge
Anne: Elizabeth Evans
Peter: Christian Taylor
Boobi: Chris Sykes
Mrs. Van Daan: Cassie Bann
Mr. Van Daan: Kevin Grammer
Frau Kina Hora: Carla Parker
Herr Lipschitz: Mitchell Parrack

Woodwinds: Jeffrey Barnes
Percussion: Bobby Fajardo, Stefan Gonzales
Bass: Aaron Gonzales
Accordion: Earl Norman
Lead Vocal: Trey Pendergrass
Guitar: Gregg Prickett

Creative Team:
Composer/Music Director: Earl Norman
Lyrics: Matthew Posey and Mitchell Parrack
Scenic Artist: Izk Davies
Costume Design: Amie Carson
Set Design: Matthew Posey
Props and Puppet Design: Justin Locklear
Lighting Design: Kevin Grammer
Choreography: Delilah Arrebola
Carpenters: Justin Locklear, Kevin Grammer and Mitchell Parrack
Stage Management: Madeleine Morris
House Management: Cynthia Webb
House Staff: Ruth Fajardo
Photography: Richard Hart
Graphic Designer: Jeremy Word

Reviewed Performance:

Reviewed by Christopher Soden, Associate Critic for John Garcia's THE COLUMN

Matthew Posey, genius behind The Ochre House, writer and director of most of their shows, has a unique gift for creating absurd, strange, shticky, profane, hilarious pieces with a cynical undercurrent. I say this with great admiration. Cynicism is often a powerful impetus for brilliant satire. Dr. Bobaganush is a bold, funny, fierce indictment of the holocaust and our current regime. As an elderly Jewish friend of mine once pointed out, the parallels are ugly and unsettling, and Posey has used his magnificent craft to stir us to the quick. You don’t know whether to weep or guffaw. It’s not difficult to watch until the very end.

Dr. Bobaganush (and his Carnival of Wonders) travels the European hinterlands with his family in a wagon, a mash-up of slapstick, prophesy and prestidigitation. Ochre House shows have a tendency to blend the comedic, oracular and grotesque and this one is no exception. The characters include Anne Frank and Mr. and Mrs. Van Daan. Anne is dressed to suggest Dorothy Gale of Frank Baum’s Wizard of Oz series. When she spends the night in Bobaganush’s wagon, his decrepit dad chases her sporting (what must be) an enormous erection. Ugh! Someone needs to put grandpa on a leash. For all the stuff and nonsense the doctor and his clan offer as entertainment, he undoubtedly has access to genuine psychic powers. While Anne and the Van Daans flee the Nazis, he senses something nefarious in the air. It’s obvious to the audience he’s on the right track, but at that time, no one could believe that such a ridiculous, unbalanced little megalomaniac could win such widespread advocacy, or wield such pervasive, toxic influence.

As I have already suggested, you never know what to expect when you visit The Ochre House, but it’s all to the good. For some reason, Posey’s bizarre combinations of the traumatic, banal, humorous and vaudevillian works inexplicably well, and no one who loves theatre should miss the opportunity to go. As you may have heard, Posey is recovering from a horrible assault, forcing them to cancel the run of Dr. Bobaganush, and more’s the pity. We need artists like Posey, now more than ever. I sincerely hope and pray that with our love, good wishes and support he will be restored to full health, and this phenomenal, miraculous, necessary show can be expeditiously revived. God speed to Matthew Posey and his remarkable team of actors, creators, and musicians.

Dr. Bobaganush.
The Ochre House Theatre: 825 Exposition Avenue, Dallas, Texas 75226. 214-826-6273.

Production was cancelled due to an attack on Matthew Posey on Jan. 30. 2017. Ochre House Theater in Dallas will will be refunding all pre-paid tickets.