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The Theatre at Grand Prairie

Reviewed Performance: 2/7/2020

Reviewed by Connie George, Associate Critic for John Garcia's THE COLUMN

What can I say about Friday nights performance other than fun, fun, fun!!!

My daughter and I arrived at The Theatre at Grandprarie Friday night to watch Trolls Live. We got the opportunity to experience the VIP treatment, and were invited to meet Poppy and Branch upstairs. We were given luminescent badges that gave us access to the VIP lounge where there was a group sing along and instruments for the kids, multiple photo opportunities, and gift bags with special memorabilia from the show. There was also wine and little bites, around the corner. There was a buffet table with macaroni and cheese, chicken and waffle bites, Wolf Gang Puck mini slider cheeseburgers, fresh fruit, and cupcakes decorated to look like Troll's hair with SPRINKLES. For those over the age of 21 there was white or red wine for consumption and juice and water for everyone else. Poppy and Branch were an absolute joy to meet and take pictures with, and were an exciting addition to the magical experience Grandprarie created for the night.

The theatre was enormous and full of families excited to see our favorite Trolls come to life. My only complaint of the night might be that there were so many stairs, but the climb up and down them is quickly forgotten with the fantastic experience that followed.

The show opens with the fun and bubbly Poppy introducing us to all of her Troll friends... Branch, Cooper, Smidge, Guy Diamond, Fuzzbert, Biggie and Mr Dinkle, and tells a tale of friendship overcoming adversity. The puppetry was impressive and the costumes were fantastic. I especially enjoyed the tap number with Mr Cloud and all his cloud friends. This was an interactive performance where audience members were encouraged to sing along and dance with them and the scenic projections made it possible to share shots of the audience members during some of the performances. The show was full of energy, color, and glitter, and I loved seeing all these fantastic characters come to life.

Poppy was cheerful, friendly, and full of energy. Branch was logical but caring, and funny. Cooper was wild and fantastic and I completely identified with his struggle with confidence in dance. (Although he did make my daughter question where the cupcakes we ate before the show actually came from.) Smidge was hilarious, and I loved her exercise routine (great puppetry). Guy Diamond was sparkly and fabulous, and I loved the extra use of glitter which made the audience roar with laughter. Fuzzbert was adorable as almost always, and Biggie and Mr Dinkle's friendship was heartwarmingly precious. Even the sarcastic and snarky Mr Cloud got in on the action and was able to help save the day.

Overall it was a great experience to share with my daughter and I would recommend anyone who has kids or loved Trolls the movie to see this show when it comes back to town.

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