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Adapted from the books by Doreen Cronin
Book, Music and Lyrics by Joan Cushing

Dallas Children's Theater

Director - Bob Hess
Music Director - Adam C. Wright
Choreographer - Jeremy Dumont
Dance Captain - Lindsay Gee
Scenic Designer - Randel Wright
Lighting Director - Linda Blase
Costume Designer - Lyle Huchton
Sound Designer - Marco Salinas
Properties Designer - Anna Klawitter
Stunt Specialist - Fanny Kerwich
Stage Manager - Melissa Cashion


Worm - Clinton Greenspan
Spider - Adam Garst
Fly - Lindsay Gee
Butterfly - Alexandra Valle
Ant - Akron Watson
Bee - Amber Nicole Guest
Grampa Worm, Aunt Rita and other various insects - BJ Cleveland

Reviewed Performance: 5/4/2012

Reviewed by Grant James, Associate Critic for John Garcia's THE COLUMN

Either this is not a kids' show or I'm a kid! (My wife assures me that the latter is true!) What a treat this show is! Opening night welcomed us with creatures from the Dallas Zoo, including a very big snake and a very serious owl. A Purple Cow wandered the lobby and provided snacks and purple ice cream, topped with "dirt" and gummy worms at intermission.

As we enter the theater we are immediately engaged by videoed mimes who are presenting insect facts on two large screens. Coming out from the stage are set pieces of leftovers (meals for the insects, I assume) and a large book with more insect facts. From the start this looks like it will be a learning experience - but is handled in a delightful way.

Let's start with the book and music. What a wonderfully imaginative handling of a few children's books, weaving them into a single cohesive piece. Educational information sneaks up on you while you are being highly entertained. The songs are up tempo and foot-tapping. And, unlike some children's shows, the production doesn't talk down to its audience. Maybe that's why us adults have such a good time, too. Adam Wright's musical direction and Jeremy Dumont's choreography are treats to our ears and eyes.

A good script in the hands of a fine director is much of the success of any show. Director Bob Hess tackles this one with a caring hand, keeping it zipping along without losing what it's about. And what it is about is differences, tolerance, self acceptance, friendship and the importance of every individual. But, as with the educational content, the messages sneak up on you. This is not a preachy play. And the style and content are so well handled that the young (and older) audience stay glued to the stage.

This show boasts a stellar cast. Clinton Greenspan's Worm is sure to appeal to those in the audience who will identify with his feelings of being useless and, hopefully, will identify with his epiphany. As Director Hess says, he goes from feeling insignificant to vital. Clinton plays Worm sympathetically without getting bogged down in a pity party. Adam Garst's Spider is impressively athletic as he jumps around on his web. I have to think that at least some of his bounding is the result of good coaching on the part of Stunt Specialist, Fanny Kerwich. But Adam has to do the work. And what a strong performance it is to help us see a spider's "coming of age!" For this reviewer, the stand out performance goes to Lindsay Gee as the Fly. Which of us hasn't imagined ourselves as a super hero? Lindsay belongs up there with the Avengers! When a child plays super hero, he or she isn't pretending - they are the super hero! Lindsay brings that same child-like believability to Fly Girl and we love her and cheer for her!

Every story cast needs all those other characters that "glue" it together and this show has some wonderful supporting characters. Alexandra Valle as the Butterfly who has to get back to Mexico, Akron Watson as the Ant who can lift more than he weighs - almost, and Amber Nicole Guest as the teacher, Mrs. McBee, all keep the enthusiasm and fun alive. And, of course, BJ Cleveland in a number of roles, continues to remind us that he is a delightful one-man band.

Lyle Hutchon's costumes leave me a bit flat. In a show so bright and fun, they seem dull. Randel Wright's scenery looks like it is fun to run around on but I can't help admiring how fast the cast gets from one level to another from backstage. And what a feat for Garst's Spider to negotiate that gigantic web! Finally, Linda Blase's lighting, mixed with slides and video, adds to the excitement.

DIARY OR A WORM, A SPIDER & A FLY is a show every age can thoroughly enjoy and even come away with facts you didn't know about our insect neighbors.

Dallas Children's Theater
Rosewood Center for Family Arts
5938 Skillman Street, Dallas, Texas, 75231
Runs through June 3rd

Performance Dates and Times:

Saturdays ? May 12, 19 - 1:30pm
Saturdays - May 26 & June 2 - 1:30pm & 4:30pm
Sundays - May 13, 20, 27 & June 3 - 1:30pm & 4:30pm

Weekday Student Matinee shows also available Tuesdays through Fridays. Please call ArtReach Booking at 214-219-2049

Ticket Prices:
Saturday 4:30pm - $21 Adult & You