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By Diana Son

Sundown Collaborative Theatre

Director- Tiffany Hillan
Assistant Director- Olivia Emile
Stage Manager- Sarah Smith
Tech Director/Lighting- Natalie Taylor
Props Designer- John Larson
Costume Designer- Shanna Gobin
Make-up Designer- Brittany Willis
Sound Designer- Brian Christensen


Callie: Tashina Richardson
Sara: Danielle Trudeau
George: Nick Ross
Peter: Aaron Sanchez
Detective Cole: Jamie Cooper
Mrs. Winsley: Heather Quinn
Nurse: Delaney Hillan

Reviewed Performance: 3/26/2011

Reviewed by Shelley Kaehr, Associate Critic for John Garcia's THE COLUMN

I must admit I had no idea what to expect when I showed up to the Texas Women's University campus to see the show Stop Kiss.

The stage was sparse, decorated with only an old crumpled futon draped with everything from formal wear to underwear, and even a magical 8 ball. After seeing the play, I must say, the set is both brilliant and functional. As the icy New Yorker, Callie, masterfully played by Tashina Richardson, peels back the layers of her disaster of an apartment, she also peels down the walls and allows herself to become emotionally open to her new friend Sara, portrayed by the incredible Danielle Trudeau, who held such depth of emotion in her eyes and expressions, she was a joy to watch.

I was so blown away by the writing in this one ? the simultaneous vignettes, altering between the developing relationship and the tragedy that would strike at some point in the future. Would Sara be okay? Would Callie have her world ripped out from under her? The stakes were high and the rewards were sweet in the end.

Jamie Cooper returned to the stage playing the detective who must interview witnesses to a brutal attack. What a super actor he is! I last saw him in Mark-Brian Sonna's production of Sex and War and he's shown in Stop Kiss that he is both versatile and effective in any part. Kudos also to costume design and those who helped Tashina and Danielle make their many and speedy changes.

Playwright Diana Son wrote many critically acclaimed television programs, including the Emmy award winning Law and Order and has won numerous awards in theater. I highly recommend you see this one if you want an edge of your seat experience. Director Tiffany Hillan should be applauded. Her adaptation of Stop Kiss was mesmerizing! Highly recommended!

Sundown Collaborative Theatre
TWU Redbud Studio Theater Room 204

Plays one more weekend, March 31st-April 3rd
Thursday ? Sunday at 8 pm

$10 general admission, $8 students and seniors
Go to for information or directions and for tickets.