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Music by Jeanine Tesori, book and lyrics by David Lindsay-Abaire

Grand Prairie Arts Council

Directed by Eric Criner
Scenic design by Matt Betz
Lighting design by Scott Davis
Costume design by Eric Criner and Costumes By Dusty
Makeup by Julie Studstill
Choreographer - Maegan Stewart

Shrek – Jeremy Davis
Young Shrek - Michael Weiss
Donkey – De'Markus Corbins
Fiona – Rachael Blizzard
Young Fiona /Dwarf– Carly Sims
Teen Fiona / Baby Bear / Rat / Duloc Dancer – Kallie Menard
Lord Farquaad – Michael Durington
Dragon / 3 Little Pigs – Tianta Harrison
Pinocchio / Knight – Jeremy Coca
Gingy / Sugar Plum Fairy – Katie Weekley
Papa Bear / Papa Ogre – Jamal Brown
Mama Bear / Mama Orge – Kristi Taylor
Wolf / Guard - Thelonis – Gary Eoff
Magic Mirror / Pied Piper / Knight– Jacob Harris
Peter Pan / Knight – Bryan Blanks
Elf / Rat / Duloc Dancer – Danielle Richards
Humpty Dumpty / Rat – Night McKay
3 Little Pigs – Chandler Tice
3 Little Pigs / Duloc Dancer – Sarah Richman
3 Blind Mice / Rat / Duloc Dancer – Sydney Cornelius
Witch / 3 Blind Mice / Duloc Dancer – Ayanna Edwards
3 Blind Mice / Duloc Dancer – Megan Alexander
White Rabbit / Rat / Knight – Blake Seabourn
Fairy God Mother – Michelle Phillips
Duloc Dancer/ Ugly Duckling– Monica Flatley
Blue Bird / Duloc Dancer/ Tweedle Dum – Emily Guerra
Rat / Duloc Dancer/ Tweedle Di– Ginny Wheeler
Duloc Dancer / Little Bo Peep – Meghan Maclellan
Rat / Duloc Dancer - Brandi Giles
Captain of the Guards – Steve Kimpel
Rat / Guard / Bishop – Zachary Weiss
Guard - Chris Medina
Voice of Dwarf - Shy Green
Little Red’s Grandmother – Ana Coca
Little Lady in the Shoe – Audrey Brake
Ol’ Mother Hubbard – Denise Jasper
Crooked Man – Michael Smith
Jack Be Nimble – Ben Jensen

Reviewed Performance: 6/14/2015

Reviewed by Juliana Adame , Associate Critic for John Garcia's THE COLUMN

The musical version of the Oscar-winning animated classic Shrek originally graced the theatrical community in 2008. After a Seattle tryout, the show took up residence at the Broadway Theatre on the Great White Way, featuring Broadway greats Brian d’Arcy James as Shrek, queen Sutton Foster as Princess Fiona, and Christopher Sieber as Lord Farquaad, just to name a few. The original Broadway production was nominated for a laundry list of Tonys, including all the biggies: Best Musical, Book, Score- written by history making now Tony winner Jeanine Tesori-, Actor, Actress, and a few others.

The show follows the movie pretty closely, but with a few additions, such as the start of the show, featuring Shrek’s parents. At a young age, Shrek, an ogre with an unshakable mindset that ogres are meant to be feared and alone, is sent away to do just that. Eventually, he comes to love his solitude, until the day said solitude is no more: a gaggle of fairytale creatures, including the wicked witch, Peter Pan, Humpty Dumpty, the three bears, and a whole lot more are sent to Shrek’s swamp, by order of the infamous Lord Farquaad. What starts as a mission to get his swamp back turns into so much more by means of a talking donkey with a positive attitude, and a rescue mission to a castle guarded by a terrifying (and crazy awesome belting) dragon to rescue what Lord Farquaad- who may not be as big a man as he talks- cannot, in the form of the mysterious Princess Fiona. What sounds like a traditional fairytale is littered with spunky characters, fart contests, and an all-around classic fairytale with heart, and a resounding message about overcoming adversity and being true to yourself.

Director Eric Criner makes a technically complicated show a breeze, and a downright pleasure to watch. The entire production is beyond enjoyable, with laughs echoing from the newly renovated Uptown Theatre walls. It’s a production for all ages, for the kids who were kids when the movie came out in 2001, the cult followers of the Broadway show, and just anyone who’s looking at have a couple of good-hearted laughs, and just a perfect night at the theatre.

The space is pretty tricked out, only enhanced by additional settings protruding from stage right and left, and even working its way into the audience. Matt Betz wonderful forested set features real tree branches, and trees onstage draped in fabric, worthy of Peter Pan Live!’s Neverland. It’s not too much; it’s not too little, it’s just right. The cast is a strong bunch of cookies- one of them literally-, with fabulous leading actors. Jeremy Davis brings out both the lovable, and more grumpy side of Shrek in a charming, strong leading man with the vocal chops to match. Meanwhile, De’Markus Corbins, is as funny, if not funnier, as Eddie Murphy in the movie, not to mention has a knockout set of pipes and top notch comic timing.

Michael Durington as the little man with a big ego, Lord Farquaad, in an unstoppable force of three-foot hilarity and fabulosity, commanding the stage with a set of tiny legs and angry eye brows. Tianta Harrison unleashes her inner fire- literally, and in the way that her voice an unstoppable force all its own. But the true standout above them all may just be Rachael Blizzard as Princess Fiona. She’s funny, spunky, and a little kooky, and has a voice that would make even Sutton Foster stand up and cheer. Serious brava, lady! This cast is a true knockout.

Shrek is loads of fun for the whole family- the cast is amazing, the set is gorgeous, the general design is top of the line- featuring beautiful costumes from Costumes By Dusty and crazy good makeup design by Julie Studstill-, and the show is an all-around whirlwind of theatrical joy. It is under no circumstances to be missed!

Grand Prairie Arts Council at the Uptown Theatre
116 E Main St
Grand Prairie, TX 75050

Runs through June 21st, 2015

June 19th and 20th at 8 PM, June 20th and 21st at 2 PM

Tickets from $11 to $22- group rates available- see site for details

For information and to purchase tickets, go to, or call 972-642-ARTS