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Book by Marshall Brickman
Music and Lyrics by Andrew Lippa

North Texas Performing Arts Repertory Theatre

Director- Ryan Matthieu Smith
Choreographer- Michael Albee Martinez
Music Director- Ethan Mullins
Stage Manager- Ruby Pullum
Lighting Design- Andrew Makepeace
Hair/ Make Up/ Costume Design- Ryan Matthieu Smith
Ancestor Make Up Design- Kennedy Styron
Properties Design- Allison Basile & Lisa Rodenbaugh
Lead Set Builder- Jo Almares
Promotional Photography- Michael Albee Designs
Dance Captain- Calista Hoyer
Marketing- Lisa Roden baugh
Social Media- Shanti Shahani de Venegas
Spot Operators- Braelyn Heathcock & Cameron Brown
Sound Operator- Renee Cooper
Box office- Tammy Thies
Torture Chair Design- Alex Rain

GOMEZ ADDAMS- Michael Breath Jr
PUGSLEY ADDAMS- Dayan Alejandro Rodriguez
GRANDMA ADDAMS- Raymond Govender
LURCH- Jacob Fisher
ALICE BEINEKE- Bonnie Grugle
LUCAS BEINEKE- Christian Black
MAL BEINEKE- Jonathan Sieders
PAPI VUDU- Caleb Ross
PAPA SHANGO- Dar’ren Agers
EL CATRIN- Donovan Marie Lawson
LA DAMA- Roxi Taylor
FRIDA- Calista Hoyer

Reviewed Performance: 10/26/2019

Reviewed by Connie George, Associate Critic for John Garcia's THE COLUMN

So, before I get started I have to make a “Full Disclosure” of my own. I am an Addam’s Family geek. This is one of the few television shows I was allowed to watch growing up and probably one of my favorite musicals by far. This ALL STAR cast and production team did not disappoint. It put a modern, edgy twist on an already fun, timeless, and boundary-pushing show.

I arrived at the Willow Bend Center of the Arts 30 minutes before the show started. There was plenty of parking in the well lit parking garage that led directly to the mall entrance where the theatre was located. There you could purchase tickets for the show and choose from a vast choice of concessions. The lobby was decorated with posters of the show and on the right was a small gift shop where you could purchase trinkets for the cast or make donations for a glass of wine. A wall of dedicated stars and photos of previous shows lined the hall leading to the performance space. The staff was very friendly and inviting, although we were requested to be quiet while waiting for the house to open out of respect for the show performing next door. The performance space was classic with red theatre chairs and curtains. The seats were not clearly marked and were a bit uncomfortable, but otherwise this theatre had already proven to be a wonderful experience.

The show opens with a hand sticking out of the curtain and leading us all in the snapping chorus of “The Addams Family” theme song. The curtain slowly begins to open and reveals that the hand actually belongs to Lurch played by Jacob Fisher. Fisher does a hilarious job playing Lurch, a character of very few words who steals the show in almost every scene he is in and does a wonderful job of setting the opening scene.

The lighting for this show (designed by Andrew Makepeace) is very well balanced. The silhouette of the family at the very beginning is one of my favorite features. The costumes by Ryan Matthieu Smith are spectacular: Gomez’s feathered fedora with his red and blacked pinstriped suit alongside Morticia’s slinky black dress are a beautiful sight to see. I only question the choice to use so many facial and neck tattoos on Gomez.

At first, I enjoyed the rebellious look. Michael Breath Jr has a “John Leguizamo as Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet” kind of vibe. But as the play went on, I found it more and more distracting and believed it to take away from the performance rather than enhancing it. Gomez Addam is a lawyer, not a gangster. Michael seems a bit young to be playing Gomez, but his comedic timing, wonderful acting skills, and tall stature soon make you forget that he is only a few years older than his daughter, Wednesday.

Wednesday, played by Mies Quatrino, was quite charming and beautiful. Mies sang wonderfully and has a spunky attitude that really gives Wednesday more depth and character. I love the choice to keep the short hair rather than going with the traditional braided pigtails look.

Morticia Addams, played by Kally Duncan, is fantastic. At first, she doesn’t look like your typical Morticia and yet it was probably one of my favorite portrayals of Morticia so far. Her muted sarcasm, gorgeous alto voice, sexy swagger, and fluid movements draw you in. I loved her red hair and serpent tattoo, the gold embellishments on her costume were very flattering, and her facial expressions were one of my favorite experiences of the night.

Tom Grugle was amazing as Uncle Fester; I loved everything about his performance! Whether it was his comedy gags or his lullaby to the Moon, everything he did was fabulous. Alice Beineke, played by Bonnie Grugle, was just as incredible. I knew from her first scene in Central Park that she was going to be delightful to watch, just because of how she responded to her fellow actors. She really seems to have a knack for making every little moment count. She did have some timing issues in her big song, "Waiting" at the end of Act 1, but ended on a good note and was a real audience pleaser.

Alice's stage husband, Mal, was played by Jonathan Sieders. He gave a very convincing performance as a workaholic husband and father. He and Alice did a great job playing off one another as parents to their son Lucas, played by Christian Black. Christian is a very talented performer. I was very impressed with his character development and strong vocal abilities.

Pugsley Addams, played by Dayan Alejandro Rodriguez, was fun and energetic. I found the beat boxing scene in the torture room to be one of the highlights of the night. Also a huge crowd pleaser was the part of Grandma, played by Raymond Govender. My companion did not believe me when I told him Grandma was played by a man. Feisty Grandma Addams set the room a blaze with laughter every time she entered the room. I only wish the lines had been a little clearer. Grandma's full disclosure is one of the funniest scenes in the show when done well. Because of her thick accent, many of the lines were lost, but I still think it was a great performance and give major kudos to Mr Govender for being able to cartwheel off a table.

Ryan Matthieu Smith did an incredible job directing these very talented actors. I loved the use of the ancestors in the show and use of the projector. The choreography, by Michael Albee Marnez, was simple, clean, and perfect for this stage. The costumes were gorgeous. I thoroughly enjoyed this performance of The Addam's Family and would recommend you get out to see it before it's over.

The Addams Family the musical

Repertory North Texas Performing Arts
Willow Bend Center of The Arts
Rodenbaugh Theatre
6121 West Park Blvd B216
Plano, TX 75093

Plays through Nov 2
Thursday 8pm
Friday 8pm
Saturday 2:30pm & 8pm

Tickets Range from $20- $30

For more information or to buy tickets please visit or call the box office at 972-422-2575.