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Interview with Val Kilmer




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Why do you take on so many different genres? 1:05

Talks about his debut on Broadway 3:00

Talks about 'Three Degrees of Val-idation" 3:12

Talks about his bone to pick with Betty White: 4:13

Has played Moses three times: 4:40

The Doors: 5:16

Why Mark Twain? 6:08

Edison Filmed Mark Twain: 8:04

Talks about Daniel Day Lewis acting: 8:35

How much of his life do you show? 10:10

Val comes up with an idea for a funny film: 10:28

Talks about why it is funny to laugh: 11:06

Talks about a one man show: 12:09

Does Val think Citizen Twain will get picked up on Broadway? 12:49

Talks about Hal Holbrook: 13:17

First play to use 3D video mapping: 14:07

How does Val keep the show fresh? 14:41

Talks about Mark Twain as an "honorary founding father": 16:23

Talks about listening: 17:59

Val is going to "try to listen" 18:41

Val is a "hardcore theatre person" 19:33

Was the youngest accepted into Juilliard: 19:53

Tells a Doc Holiday story: 20:21

Talks about Robert Downey, Jr.: 21:14

Doesn't think that Robert Downey, Jr. and Michelle Monaghan think the same about him: 22:05

Does a Mickey Rourke impression: 22:57

Talks about Sir Ben Kinsley and the next film he would like to make: 23:23

Val is still working on the play ... even as we speak: 25:09


Jekyll and Hyde starring Constantine Maroulis