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By Neil Simon

Richardson Theatre Centre

Director – Leigh Wyatt Moore
Stage Manager –Penny Elaine
Set Design – Eddy Herring
Sound Design – Richard Stephens, Sr.
Light Design – Wyatt Moore
Costumes – Courtney Walsh
Props – Leigh Wyatt Moore, Penny Elaine and Cast
Artistic Director – Rachael Lindley
Executive Director – Lise Alexander
Technical Director – Richard Stephens, Sr.

Corie: Madyson Greenwood
Repair Man: Richard Stephens, Sr.
Delivery Man: Danny Gallagher
Paul: Jake Shanahan
Mrs. Banks: Rachael Lindley
Victor Velasco: Robert San Juan

Reviewed Performance: 2/8/2020

Reviewed by Jeri Tellez, Associate Critic for John Garcia's THE COLUMN

This hit show was written by award winning playwright Neil Simon and premiered on Broadway in 1963. It centers on newlywed couple Corie, a free spirit, and Paul, an uptight lawyer. They don’t see eye to eye on many things, including their apartment, Corie’s mother, and their eccentric upstairs neighbor. The fact that the apartment is 5 or 6 flights up, depending on how you count, doesn’t help the state of affairs.

Leigh Wyatt Moore wove together this cast in a beautiful ensemble designed to entertain. Lines were delivered with purpose, movements were meaningful, and silent gestures were beautifully done. Each character had their place, and there were no extraneous pieces to muddy up the waters. Eddy Herring’s set was sleek and fitting. It contained enough detail to be realistic, but not so much as to be distracting. Costumes by Courtney Walsh were well-designed and on point, and props by Moore, Penny Elaine and the cast were perfect to fill the appropriate voids, but not confusing during the show.

Richard Stephens Sr.’s sound design and Wyatt Moore’s light design were both well done. There were no shadows or dark spots, and the sound seemed to flow naturally with the action. When special effects were needed, they were appropriate and timely. Props to whoever came up with the idea for the snow. It was genius and well-timed. Stephens’ selection of pre-show and intermission music was very 60s and spot on for the setting.

Madyson Greenwood’s portrayal of Corie was delightful, with her cute-as-a-button appearance, overwhelming cheerfulness, and childlike fascination. She and Jake Shanahan worked well enough together they looked like naturals.

Shanahan, as Paul, was a textbook anxious lawyer. He was preoccupied with work, to the point of irritating Corie, and was more concerned with propriety than with having fun. His straight man to Greenwood’s flighty urchin was wonderful.

As Mrs. Banks, Rachael Lindley stole the show. Her portrayal of the empty nest mother fussing over her daughter was perfectly hysterical. When a possible love interest was added, the humor was multiplied. Robert San Juan, as Victor Velasco, was beautifully believable as the unusual neighbor. He was a smooth talking Don Juan who was able to charm his way into both Corie’s and Mrs. Banks’ hearts. Watching his interactions with both ladies was comedy gold.

Stephens and Danny Gallagher as the Repair Man and Delivery Man, respectively, were delightful in their interpretations of their characters. Both seemed to despise the aforementioned stairs, and had enough personality to be interesting in spite of their small parts.

Barefoot in the Park was one of the funniest shows I have seen in a long time. I definitely recommend this show. You won’t be disappointed.

Barefoot in the Park runs through February 23 at Richardson Theatre Centre.

For tickets and information go to or call 972-699-1130.