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Book by Tom Jones and Music by Harvey Schmidt

Theatre Frisco

The Cast
Jacob Catalano as Michael
Chelsea Wolfe as Agnes
Isabell Moon as Maid

The Musicians
Shane Hurst: Piano I
Kevin Sutton: Piano II

The Artistic Staff
Director, Set Design: Neale Whitmore
Music Director : Shane Hurst
Choreographer: Emily Leekha
Stage Manager, Light Board: Katie Radke
Set Design and Construction: Benjamin Keegan Arnold
Lighting Design: Alex Ammons
Costume Design: Dallas Costume Shoppe
Hair and Wigs: Christine Stinson-Wetzel
Makeup: Kevyn Loggans
Props: Elise Knox
Sound Board: Kat Marbry
Backstage Crew: Isabell Moon, Ash Rhoades, Julia Schaeffer
Producer and Graphic Design: Howard Korn
Volunteer Coordinator : Joyce Korn
Catering: Diane Rogers

Reviewed Performance: 2/11/2018

Reviewed by Darlene Singleton, Associate Critic for John Garcia's THE COLUMN

I DO! I DO! is a musical with a book and lyrics by Tom Jones and music by Harvey Schmidt which is based on the Jan de Hartog play THE FOURPOSTER. The two-character story spans fifty years as it focuses on the ups and downs experienced by Agnes and Michael throughout their marriage. For the majority of the play the set consists solely of their bedroom, dominated by the bed in the center of the room accessorized by a pillow embroidered with God Is Love. Michael is a successful writer whose flashes of ego is mixed with irritability and male chauvinism. Agnes is the dutiful, domestic and sporadically unhappy wife and mother who gives in to her emotions with an occasional tear or a smile.

Director Neale Whitmore notes that Theatre Frisco’s timeframe for I DO! I DO! begins in August 1953 to honor the theatres’ President, Howard Korn and his bride of 64 years, Joyce. Whitmore’s direction of the play is very entertaining, and the audience was attentive from start to finish and appeared to thoroughly enjoy it.

Jacob Catalano, as Michael, and Chelsea Wolfe, as Agnes, effortlessly make the transitions from naive newlyweds to bickering, mismatched partners years later. There are many wonderful songs in this play but the highlight of the show for me was Catalano’s and Wolfe’s rendition of MY CUP RUNNETH OVER. It was beautiful. The lyrics of the song tied the story together wonderfully. I loved it so much that I came home and downloaded the song and am listening to it as I write this review. If you haven’t heard the Ed Ames version I encourage you to download it today. Or better yet, buy a ticket to Theatre Frisco and watch it performed live.

Catalano and Wolfe do an excellent job of carrying the show throughout each scene despite the thin plot. When the dialogue is working, it feels spirited and thoughtful, but - when it’s not working, it feels uncomfortably out-of- date and chauvinistic.

The mid-century costuming by Dallas Costume Shoppe was most delightful to see – from the bride’s wedding dress to her honeymoon nightgown and throughout the show – everything Agnes wore was picture-perfect vintage. In the final scenes, Agnes sits at her dressing table and, with help from her maid (played by Isabell Moon), transforms herself from middle-age to elderly. Once Michael rejoins her on-stage, they leave their house, 50 years of marriage and two offstage offspring, having their married lives summed up in a couple of hours and some 17 songs.

Kudos go to the excellent pianists who are a critical part of this production – Shane Hurst and Kevin Sutton do an excellent job.

A fun fact on this production – Catalano and Wolfe are engaged in real-life and will soon be married. I wish them a happy, successful marriage and hope they enjoy all the phases of marriage that happen once you say I DO! I DO!

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Through Feb 25, 2018