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by Margaret and Allison Engel

Runway Theatre

Director – Scott Davis
Lighting Design – Kyle Harris
Property Design – Kristin Burgess
Sound Design – Danica Bergeron
Stage Manager – Set Johnson

Lindsay Hayward – Molly Ivins
Laird Thompson – News Room Helper

Reviewed Performance: 4/9/2016

Reviewed by Angela Newby, Associate Critic for John Garcia's THE COLUMN

As Molly Ivins struggles to write a journalistic piece about her father, the audience is taken on a journey through her life and career. First produced by Philadelphia Theater Company in 2010, Molly was played by Kathleen Turner and directed by David Esbjornson.

Runway Theater Presents does an amazing job bringing the life and times of Molly Ivins to the stage that is perfectly timed with the current events of our society’s political realm. Director Scott Davis brings this play together and hits the mark to show the social injustices not only that Molly Ivins dealt with, but how we as an audience are to deal with the ones around us today. Each and every element worked seamlessly together and the results were outstanding.

Kyle Harris’s lighting design played off of the patriotic red, white, and blue elements. The back lights of blue highlighted the newspaper clad projection screen, while the main lights were red to cast the lower points of Molly’s life. Yet, it was the two white spotlights, one over her desk, and one over the secondary desk that truly let the work of Molly Ivins shine through. Harris did an amazing job bridging Molly’s life story with the lighting to create an effect that enhanced the performance on the stage.

Property design by Kristin Burgess was the epitome of a journalist work area. While the set was simple, it was the props that showed the spirit behind Molly. From the balls of rejected manuscripts around the floor to the black and white photos, each element was carefully picked to depict different parts of her life. Each prop was used throughout the monologue and only added to the uniqueness of this play, including the Shiner beer bottle!

Danica Bergeron’s sound design was beautiful. Molly Ivins’ career was focused around the politics, especially in Texas. The country music was incorporated to not only show the feel of Texas, but also to depict mood and the undertones behind the storyline. Each element that needed sound was perfectly timed and well executed.

Lindsay Hayward, as Molly Ivins, was spectacular. Hayward’s spunky personality was an ideal match for Molly Ivins. Ivins’ iconic red glasses were constantly in use by Hayward either on her face, in her hands, or on her head. Hayward’s facial expressions were varied and matched the mood and tone of each part of the play wonderfully and brought completeness to the show. She was easily able to interact through eye contact and questions with the audience that brought a familiarity and realness of Molly Ivins to the audience.

The News Room Helper, Laird Thompson, was a unique part in which Thompson’s role was to hand Molly Ivins important news updates. His completely somber attitude and blank stares was exactly what this character needed to show the transitions in the play.

Runway Theatre Presents Red Hot Patriot: The Kick-Ass wit of Molly Ivins is the perfect night out for those that love history, writing, and the wonderful wit of Molly Ivins. Come in and enjoy the interaction with Molly as she wades through the movers and shakers of the political world and gives you the answer to, “What would Molly say?”

Runway Theatre, 215 North Dooley St., Grapevine, TX 76051
Runs through April 16th

**This show does contain adult language. Friday–Saturday at 8:00pm and Saturday matinee at 3:00pm. Tickets are $25 for General Admissions and $20 for Runway Members. For info and tickets go to or call the box office at 817-488-4842.